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Left to Right: Cindy Gardner (Lake Arrowhead, President), Leslie Bramson Dr. PH (Crestline), Jordan Zarate (Running Springs Area), Jordana Ridland (Crestline), Dr. Natalie Lindemann (Lake Arrowhead, Clerk)

Rim of the World Unified School District (ROWUSD) services the mountain communities from Cedar Pines Park to Green Valley Lake. ROWUSD currently serves over 3,000 students.


Three elementary schools make their home in the Rim of the World Unified School District; Charles Hoffman Elementary School (Running Springs), Lake Arrowhead Elementary School (Lake Arrowhead), and Valley of Enchantment Elementary School (Crestline) serve the young children of our community. Mary Putnam Henck Intermediate serves children in grades 6th through 8th and is in Lake Arrowhead. Finally, Rim of the World High and Mountain High serve grades 9th through 12th and are both located in Lake Arrowhead.


Board of Education


The Rim school district is presided over by the Rim of the World Unified Governing Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is made up of residents and taxpayers in the mountain communities.


“The Board of Trustees function as a goal-setting, policy making, and evaluating body. The Board has jurisdiction over the District, its programs, employees, pupils, building sites and equipment.”


The current Board of Trustees consists of five representatives from the three mountain communities along the Rim: two representatives from Crestline, two representatives from Lake Arrowhead, and one representative from Running Springs Are (Running Springs, Arrowbear Lake, Green Valley Lake). Cindy Gardner, Dr. Leslie Bramson, Jordan Zarate, Jordana Ridland, Dr. Natalie Lindemann, and Superintendent Michelle Murphy serve as ROWUSD’s current Governance Team.


Get involved by attending a Rim of the World Unified School District Governing Board of Trustees meeting!


Rim of the World Unified School District

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