Farmers Market & Artisan Faire Ends 2019 Season



In 2018, we planned out how we would make several improvements to the market for the following 2019 season. These positive changes helped make this season of the Running Springs Farmers Market & Artisan Faire, incredible!


Let’s take a look at how we executed this action plan for 2019.


Spending More on Digital Advertising

Through digital advertising campaigns and sponsored posts on Facebook, we were able to increase our total audience by 73%, which resulted in an increase of market visitors by 25%. We even had the privilege of welcoming attendees that traveled from Nevada and Michigan!


On special promotional weekends, when our visitors spent $25 at the market, they were able to receive either: a free ski lift ticket to Snow Valley Mountain Resort, or a day pass to SkyPark at Santa’s Village in Lake Arrowhead. This became so popular in fact, that we frequently ran out of passes to hand out to eligible patrons.


Improving Social Media Presence

Every week during market season (May-September) we provided our Facebook followers with engaging content that helped inform everyone of what treats were in store for them at the market on Saturday. Using information provided by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, we offered an insider peek at what our vendors would be offering, which musicians would be donating their talent, and what theme would be featured.


As our posting frequency increased, so did our audience engagement! Followers began tagging their friends and sharing our posts to their pages, and making plans to come up the mountain to see us.



Bringing in More Vendors

The number of farmers increased to six in total, which is the official record in the history of the market. This allowed us to offer an even wider variety of fresh produce, letting market insiders find the best fruits and vegetables to meet their needs.


We also successfully welcomed several new vendors that sold a variety of items such as: Kombucha tea, jam, and snowcones. There is something for everyone at the market!


Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more surprises and information about what you can expect for the 2020 market season.

We hope to see you soon!

Farmers Market & Artisan Faire Ends Season

overview of farmers market

It’s been a great 2018 season for the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Farmers Market & Artisan Faire! In our seventh year since launching our first farmers market, we have enjoyed consistency among our best vendors and clientele, but we also made some big improvements:

Opening Day Farmers Market

  • Vendors Can Now Apply for a Booth Online
  • Vendors Can Now Pay for Booths With Credit/Debit Cards
  • We Started Promoting Our Farmers Market More Actively on Facebook

We also plan improvements for next year, including:

  • Spending More on Digital Advertising
  • Improving Social Media Presence
  • Bringing in More Vendors

We also have some surprises in store for next year so be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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