Highway 330 Closure From September 9-20th

Highway 330 Closure From September 9-20th


Highway 330 will be completely closed for construction from September 9-20. If you are planning on visiting Running Springs or attending the Running Springs Farmers Market and Artisan Faire during this time, you will need to take an alternate route. We highly recommend that visitors take Highway 18 to reach the market, which is a designated California Scenic Byway. It may take a little extra time (15-20 minutes) to reach your destination, but it is worth it to take in the beautifully scenic drive across the Rim of the World.


The 110-mile route takes drives around the mountain ridges of the San Bernardino Mountains from Cajon Pass to San Gorgonio Pass. Panoramic vistas can be found at any point along the route, and during the months of March and October, the mountains are covered in a colorful array of wildflowers.


For more information, please reach out to CalTrans District 8 at (909) 383-4631, or visit their website for any relevant updates.

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