Arrowbear Lake

Arrowbear Lake is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County. Its altitude is 6,086 feet, in the San Bernardino Mountains.


The community of Arrowbear Lake is located east of Running Springs, off of Highway 18 with a population of 736, though the population continues to grow. The town gets its name from the fact that it lies half way between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. It is backed against the National Forest with easy access to many hiking areas along Keller Peak Road.


Arrowbear Lake is home to Arrowbear Music Camp, which has been in operation since 1942. Every Summer the air is filled with evening concerts of budding musicians.


This small community enjoys a very private environment due to its off the beaten track location. Annual events include a fishing derby in May, a 4th of July celebration, softball games at Tucker Field and other events throughout the year. If you’d enjoy a private area where you can live the good mountain life in peace, Arrowbear is for you.


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